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PETRA Bank, in accordance with current legislation, has an Organizational Ombudsman Structure. It is a direct channel of communication between the Financial Conglomerate FINAXIS  and its clients.

Its mission is to intervene, for example, when customers do not feel satisfied with the solution presented by conventional service channels.

The Ombudsman of the Financial FINAXIS Conglomerate is available Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00 hours, GMT (excluding holidays).


Ombudsman Contact

Tel: 0800 601 1313


Rua Pasteur, 463
11º andar, Água Verde
CEP 80250-104
Curitiba PR Brasil

FINAXIS - Curitiba, PR

Rua Pasteur, 463 11º andar

Água Verde CEP 80250-104

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